Poetry as Promised

Four poems written during and after

reading the poetry of T.S. Eliot


On Reading the Poetry of Eliot



Read it.


Get it?

Confound it.

Repeat it.

Got it?

Forget it!



Find it?

A bit.



Kinetic Move

Time and memory swell and flow

Light dances with the shadow

Never lingering there too long

Gracefully flitting over sand and sea alike.

A man can be too still,

and Stagnation may be easily won,

More simply than silver and gold.

Yet still, time does not bother to stop.

Tell me, Thomas, when did you begin

To truly move in life?

was it Only once you saw the light

When you then sang of godly things?

Why is it then that I, your reader,

Feel less moved on drinking in those words

That feel to me so forced




                                                    Where is the flow of light and time?


I Spy

Cut up

Fixed up

Jacked up

Mixed up

Snipped up

Picked up

Poetry’s not easy

Find the hidden meaning

or seek no meaning.

Feel the textured words.

Were we meant to see some truth here?

Or is it simply UP To interpretation?



The “Aha” Place

Words and phrases that are

Wound up like a spool of thread.

Like a child in a musty attic,

One comes to the pages to discover

Chrysoprase and porphyry beneath the dust.

Stretches of work, rewarded in kind,

with stretches of treasure, found.

Above one’s head, Edison’s invention,

A switch is flipped and it all converges,

This is the space of the “aha”.

“I get it now, I see the light”

One only hopes to reach that place

And oh, what ecstasy to feel

As though you were the first

To land on untouched soil, where

Other men have never stepped.

But then again how lonely…

I will feel the joy of seeing

That many more are here beside me

And rather than deplete the wealth,

Digging knee deep in the sand,

They multiply its opulence.