Its the magical mystery kind…

The idea of mystery in religion is accompanied by fear and caution. When subjects such as Christian mysticism are broached they are “taken with a grain of salt” and they certainly should be. Many Christians, especially in the protestant sect, believe in revelation to the degree that they have forgotten the degree of mystery which necessarily accompanies our faith. God reveals himself to men through the scriptures, allowing them to understand what they need to in order to believe in him and attain salvation. Despite this revelation mankind has barely begun to touch the tip of the mystery presented by our God. The reason why mystery is such a taboo term is grounded in the connotations which it has come to imply. The word produces an image of the house of Ungit, shrouded in darkness, filled with “the reek of hollines” provided by incense and the blood of sacrifices made out of fear and ignorance. No, the mystery belonging to our God is not a small, close, darkness. It is much more akin to the vast darkness of space, it is not that God must hide himself because he is a shapeless rock like Ungit and, if illuminated would be proven to be nothing but a lump of stone. Our God is vast, so vast indeed that that word is useless to describe him. He is the creator of ideas such as infinity, immutability and eternality, words which, in reality, can mean nothing to us because we cannot comprehend them. We conceive of eternity as “time without end” and immutability as “not change”. In other words we take two ideas that we know “time” and “end” and use our imagination to create the idea of the opposite of them. The mind of man is incapable of understanding God because he expands far beyond the capacity of our intellect. If we perceive darkness in the idea of our God it is because he is so bright that trying to understand that of himself which he has not revealed to us can only blind us.

I tremble. I am still.

“be still and know that I am God”

I am still.

And yet, this is not the stillness that comes with a cessation of movement. It is the appearance of stillness that results from moving so fast that it creates a solid block of color, a fan revolving at a rate which the eye cannot match thus appearing motionless — still.


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