>Read always.


I have been recently recommended to the books ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ and ‘Ella Minnow Pea’. I was directed to the first by a blogger whom I have only just discovered and have been reading avidly since then, A drifter at chaseandre.com. He wrote that he hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like who has read this book. So I figure theres no harm in reading it, right? So I did. I started on a Tuesday and finished by Thursday it was an incredible journey and now I’m sorry I ate it up so fast even though I had other things to do and needed the time for. Anyways I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to anyone. It is heartbreaking to watch a man degraded by a disease that he cannot overcome but the book is more than that. It includes that man’s conquering in a different way, through passing on his wisdom to the next generation, a wisdom that he could not pass on if it weren’t for his imminent death. He says that one learns how to live when they are dying. These lessons that he learns from death are vastly important and could mean so much to someone who would slow down to realize that life is about living. Some people get to the end of their life and suddenly see that they have tried so hard to prepare for their life that they never actually lived it! what a tragedy. So read always its a part of life. I’m going to read ‘Ella Minnow Pea’ recommended to me by a good friend, over thanksgiving break and tell you how it is.


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